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  • Kristy LaTart

When We Had Potential...

This was me Freshman year. So '95-'96. Never had been away from home and still rockin' the turtleneck and "mom sweater"! Also, what 18 year old didn't have a poster like this in their dorm room?!

Oh, the pleated skirts and mary janes era. And of course, we couldn't head out without chugging some wine coolers!

We have now reached the bucket hat and circle sunnies days. Side note, I had that kitten just long enough for it to dig the crap out of the carpet in our apartment so badly that our landlord made me replace the rugs in the whole damn place!

We will end our trip down memory lane with this gem. NEVER NOT been a hoe on the speaker! (I'm in the blue jeans)

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