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This is Us

It all began in Upstate New York, 2004…


Boy meets girl. Girl thinks boy is annoying. Boy steals girls phone number and begs her to go out on one date with him. Girl eventually caves and agrees to the date. 


Fast forward one year later. Boy gets a job in Minnesota and asks the girl to move with him. Girl agrees and so their adventure begins. 


Fast forward seven years. Boy and girl are married with a little girl and new baby boy. Life is not what they expected. With all of the love that comes with being new parents and husband and wife, also comes all of the stress and frustration. 


Another nine years ahead. In a very unexpected turn of events the boy finds himself without a job for the first time in his life. In an effort to preserve sanity and creativity, the boy and girl decide to develop their very own podcast. 


It Goes Both Ways is born! 


This podcast is a way to share our marriage misadventures, parenting hits and misses and every other humiliating and sarcastic story along the way. 



Steve and Kristy…Kristy and Steve

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