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The Hot Seat Interview: Andrew

The Hot Seat Interview is a new series we're trying out for our podcast. We'd love to use it as a way for people that listen to the show to learn a little bit more about some of the people who are either part of or listen to It Goes Both Ways podcast. (This is also our way to find out if any of you are psychos.)

Andrew is an OG fan of our podcast. He started listening as soon as it began and has been a fan ever since. Thank you Andrew for agreeing to be our guinea pig and if you'd like to be a part of the hot seat too, send us an email to

Tell us a bit about yourself? (ie: job, married, kids, what do you do for fun etc..)

  1. I Just started a new job as a logistics coordinator at the beginning of the year with a company called Nice Healthcare.

  2. Just celebrated the 4 year anniversary with the wife at the end of this past December.

  3. I'm one of ten adopted kids in my family and my wife is a single child. So we are fine with no kids right now. We do have the cutest Goldendoodle ever. If you want you can follow him @doodlenamedmurphy

  4. In my free time. I love spending time with the dog and the wife, whether that be on the couch watching our shows or out and about. We try to bring our doodle wherever we can with us. Yes, we are those people.

  5. I also love getting together with friends and or family. I am a big extrovert and love spending time playing games, drinking Jameson Gingers, and or just having a fun time with friends or family.

Doodle Named Murphy Instagram Account

2. What are 3 topics that you could talk about for hours?

  1. Fitness (CrossFit/working out). Back in January of 21. I made the decision to become more serious about my health and well-being. I joined a CrossFit gym and have been going consistently 3-4 times a week for almost a year. No, I am not your typical CrossFit person. There are a lot of things I have to do scaled because I can't do the prescribed weight and or movement. I love the community aspect of the Crossfit gym as well.

  2. I love talking about baking and making food. I am love baking cheesecakes. Chocolate Cheesecake and Pumpkin cheesecake are my signature ones. I also love making some creme brulee. I love baking for other people. I've been told that I should sell my cheesecakes for the holidays. Maybe in the future. I'm always down for trying new recipes to make in the kitchen.

  3. Anything. I love talking about anything with anyone. I love getting to know people and learning about them.

3. What are a couple of your pet peeves?

Stupid drivers. If you're going slow in the left lane and I have to pass you in the right line. Get the F over.

People who don't say thank you. It literally takes a few seconds to say thank you to someone even if it's the smallest task that was done for you.

4. What shows are you binging right now?

  1. We binged season 4 part 1of Ozarks in 2 days last weekend.

  2. I'm in the process of watching Miracle for the one-millionth time.

  3. We are currently watching Goldbergs on Hulu and love it. That show is hilarious and I love how they show clips of the real family at the end.

  4. Also, we watched Dopesick on Hulu a few weeks ago and it was so fascinating and mind-blowing to watch.

5. Which one, breakfast or dinner/ why?

I would say dinner. There are so many more options in my opinion for dinner than there are for breakfast. Plus you can have breakfast for dinner and it's not weird. But having dinner for breakfast might get ya some looks.

Bonus: Which episode of IGBW starring Kristy & Steve is your favorite? JK! No, but really, do you have a fav one?!

I honestly can't just pick one. From day one of this podcast not knowing what it would turn into. I have loved listening to each episode. You two don't sugarcoat real life between the daily possible struggles of marriage everyone might endure but two chickenshit to admit to the daily possible struggles with raising a family and everything in between. You two are real, raw, and funny to listen to. I look forward to the weekly Steve and Kristy (Kristy and Steve) podcast each week. It's definitely a highlight of the week listening to that new podcast episode the next morning on the way to work.

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